Lean Laboratories believes in long term partnership, in knowledge transfer and in delivering sustainable and long term improvements. We are small, flexible and easy to deal with. Why not contact me instead of starting a long and expensive recruitment or competitive tendering process? My pricing model is attractive from customer point of view and I am open for innovative charging models. I prefer short and small projects.

Many of the Lean tools are extremely simple. Terms like "go and see", the use of mentoring and coaching tools, the use of rapid development and problem solving activities (kaizen) are not difficult to copy. Yet, many business are not Lean at all!

Key competences include:

- project management services
- managing service development projects
- pricing strategy updates and reviews
- auditing and mystery shopping services

I believe that by prioritizing projects, by adding customer focus and by implementing lean processes, many companies can accelerate their performance. In bigger projects I team up with people in my network.

For more information contact me by phone on +358 400 350504 or by email peter@leanlaboratories.fi

Lets accelerate your business together!

Peter Grönholm